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Spornographic underwear: look what we’ve got our Hanes on

hanes06.jpgHanes, the men’s underwear brand closest to the wedding tackle of Middle America, has gone all Sporno on us.

I know.  What is the world coming to?  Is nothing sacred?

In its unseemly lust to chase the metrodollar – and recapture some of those young male shoppers who don’t want to be seen in the locker-room in dad-wear – the once reliably retrosexual Hanes has produced a depraved, spornographic video that verily fans the flames of Sodom.

Or at least my jockstrap.

Though if you look closely, however – at the Hanes not the models, concentrate! – you’ll notice that that their still slightly baggy product is not exactly tres metrosexual.  Not, at any rate, compared to some of its shamelessly slutty competitors, such as 2xst.  

Obviously, they think that some cheap, spornographic advertising showing buffed guys in their undies playing with their balls will do the trick and fool us into thinking their slightly daggy underwear is somehow hot.

I don’t know about you, but it certainly works for me.

(Thanks to Donald Krolak and the Malcontent for bringing this to my over-heated attention)

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