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The ‘New Macho’ – Just Older, Saggier, Daggier Metrosexuality

ABC News tells us that ‘Metrosexual is out – macho is in’

It offers little evidence of this assertion other than a product-placement style interview with the editor of a glossy men’s magazine who will clearly say anything to sell his mag, including stuff like ‘the new macho is the old macho’ (since when did the old macho buy glossy men’s lifestyle magazines?), and citing ‘killing spiders’ as the test of machismo.  But we’ll let that pass. After all, this is the Twenty First Century, and no one has any standards anymore.  I certainly don’t.

So, I Google the ‘anti-metrosexual’ magazine blazing a trail for ‘the new macho’ trend – which according to ABC News is sweeping the culture – and lo and behold! the butch, heroic machomag in question turns out to be a magazine for middle-aged metrosexual men in denial, trying to turn fat into muscle and stay young-looking. 

Spiders have clearly got nothing to worry about.

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1 thought on “The ‘New Macho’ – Just Older, Saggier, Daggier Metrosexuality”

  1. Mark,

    We don’t use “standards” in the 21st century, we have “limits”. They are easier to adapt in an ever changing world. Variable morality, style, and quality are the new “in” things.



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