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How To Spot A Sodomite

Examining the famous Victorian anuses of ‘Fanny and Stella’ (bv Mark Simpson, the Independent) “I had never seen anything like it before… I do not in my practise ever remember to have seen such an appearance of the anus, as those of… Read More »How To Spot A Sodomite

Is There Sex After Marriage?

A remarkably, refreshingly reasonable treatment of the Spitzer scandal and the indispensable social role of prostitutes by a woman, Minette Marin, in The London Times (if a straight man had written this he would probably have faced a lengthy free… Read More »Is There Sex After Marriage?

Straights Go Gay

On the anniversary of the reform that (partially) decriminalised male homosexuality Mark Simpson argues Wolfenden would have been horrified by what has happened. To heteros  (The Guardian, 30/7/07) Sometimes you can estimate the popularity of a thing by its illegality.… Read More »Straights Go Gay