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metrosexual backlash

Metrosexual Ex-Rep. Raps Metros

Madison Cawthorn’s Big Butch Exit North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn, a wheelchair user after a 2014 car accident, used his final address on the House floor last week to bemoan “soft metrosexuals” and give today’s men a stern spanking: “Our… Read More »Metrosexual Ex-Rep. Raps Metros

China’s Metrosexual Crackdown

China’s ruling Communist Party has reportedly finally had enough of impossible male prettiness, and is cracking down on the promotion of metrosexuality. ‘Sissy’ boybands, ‘vulgar’ social media influencers, reality TV and ‘abnormal esthetics’ have been denounced by China’s mighty broadcast… Read More »China’s Metrosexual Crackdown