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Mirror Men on Canvas – and in Crocs

The Delhi-based artist Pallavi Singh has been meditating on metrosexuality in the Indian subcontinental context again and has very kindly sent me these rather wonderful new paintings and given me permission to post them here.

I think my personal favourite is ‘Rise of Mirror Man’ – I particularly like how his Crocs match his suspenders.

Here’s Ms Singh’s accompanying write-up:

In my recent work “Here comes the Mirror Man” and “Rise of Mirror Man”, I have tried to present the growing confidence and comfort of my character towards metrosexuality, his desire to be adored and his acceptance of his metrosexual needs while remaining unconcerned with labels of homosexuality and cross dressing.

In the painting “Mirror Mirror on the wall”, I have tried to compare the regional 18th-19th century Dandy phenomena with global Metrosexual phenomena of today i.e. the distinction between “to be admired” and “to be adored”.

All images Copy­right Pallavi Singh, 2012

Pallavi Singh: Metrosexy Delhi

It’s always fascinating to see and hear about the ways in which metrosexuality is interpreted/expressed/appropriated/completely rewritten in different parts of the world, particularly the parts that I and most Westerners tend to overlook.

The parts in other words that actually make up most of the world.

India for instance, with its pre-colonial traditions of ‘pagan’ androgyny – and emerging consumerism as it begins to assert itself as one of the economies likely to shape the 21st Century – has both eagerly taken up metrosexuality and adeptly reinterpreted it to its own needs.

So I was very glad when I was recently contacted by an artist in Delhi called Pallavi Singh.

From Ms Singh’s artist statement:

While growing up and during my formative years in art, I was intrigued by changes occurring with age in men both in terms of behaviour and psyche and also the struggles against it and measures taken to reverse it. I have created characters based on observations and insights drawn from life experiences in and around my immediate surroundings. Through these characters I try to depict the longing for youthful appearances, the veiled fantasies and the hidden desires which are now becoming more visible and observable in the background of changes in the society and growing accessibilities to new avenues.

The longing for youthful appearances, the veiled fantasies and the hidden desires which are now becoming more visible and observable. 




All images Copyright Pallavi Singh, 2012