Perhaps only one of these US Marines in the latest ‘military camp’ Youtube hit is actually drop dead beautiful (clue: he’s the one who shakes his ass most convincingly, takes his top off, strokes his abs lovingly — and grabs his packet while his buddy zooms in for a close-up).

But you have to give his less physically gifted comrades full marks for the way these trained killers really want to be ‘drop dead’ gorgeous. At least for the duration of a Britney pop song about a woman who loves to look. And make a mockery of the ‘male gaze’ – along with the notion that men, particularly fighting men, are always active, never passive.

Like hundreds of other soldiers prancing around in Youtube clips it’s done for a laugh and a giggle – but it also seems to be seriously saying something about young men today. Even the ones expected to kill for us.

Boy, come over here with your sexy ass….

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