Mark Simpson is the author of several critically-acclaimed books, including:

Male Impersonators

It’s a Queer World

Sex Terror

Saint Morrissey


The Queen is Dead

A chance letter sparks an epistolary romance between two lonely outsiders.


A biography of the metrosexual. By his dad.

End of Gays?

Banning gay propaganda can backfire. Spectacularly.

Saint Morrissey

“All Saints should be presumed guilty until proved innocent.”

Male Impersonators

The book that changed the way the world looks at men

It's a Queer World

A warped look at a fin de siecle world of pop culture where nothing is quite as straight or gay as it seems.

Sex Terror

 This book will change the way you think about sex. It may even put you off it altogether.

Driven Dotty

The Psychopathology of Everyday Driving