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Sweden’s Young Metrosexuals Find a Voice

Meanwhile, across the North Sea in Sweden…. 19 year old Eric Saade is telling us, in a leather jacket and gloves: ‘You can call me manboy’ before pleading, in the crie de coeur of metrosexuals everywhere: ‘Give me lurve!  Give me lurve!  — Don’t go!’.

The pleasingly annoying/annoyingly pleasing ditty ‘Manboy’ cranks to a creaky climax with Eric receiving an open-mouthed drenching while on his knees.

This probably shouldn’t be very surprising.  Sweden is the country, you may remember, that gave us Abba, Ikea and Freddie Ljunberg. Sweden is probably the most metrosexual country on Earth.

‘Manboy’ is in with a good chance of being chosen by Swedish TV viewers as their country’s entry in the family-friendly Eurovision Song Contest.

They should.  It would win.

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